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A More Complex "Pipe All"

Description Example image: A More Complex "Pipe All"

RhinoScript Application by Justified Sinner

An updating of the "PipeAll" command on the Rhino 3D website. Original script by Rajaa Issa.
This version of the script allows for variable radius piping and allows for the cap to be changed between Flat/Round/None. It also automatically prevents errors arising from having used the Pipe command previously with "Thickness=Yes" set.


Version 1 (May 05, 2011)


Rhino version: Rhino 4


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Why are these buttons gray?

  • 8. YOSITO (Aug 07, 2015 17.40):

    esta bueno,
    pero en el comando round cuando le doy un radio salen tubos enormes
    como se puede corregir ese error

  • 7. YOSITO (Jul 24, 2015 02.47):

    no funciona todos los script que descarge ninguno me ha querido funcionar dice no coincide los tipos

  • 6. sowleankit (Aug 13, 2014 08.03):

    Great Work...!!!

  • 5. drope25 (Jan 05, 2014 12.25):

    not work !

  • 4. rinoverde (Oct 13, 2013 22.51):

    GREAT! many thanks for script.. very powerfull!!

  • 3. Romain M (May 22, 2013 00.56):

    I'm terrible at this... When I input the radiuses (radii?) into the command bar, I end up with HUGE tubes that don't seem to respect the values I typed :(...

  • 2. kavaz (Oct 01, 2012 09.19):


    It doesn't work! When starting - nothing done!

  • 1. chottabhai (May 05, 2011 08.29):

    wow. good script - easy stuff.
    thanks for the script!

  • +++ May 05, 2011 08.09: A More Complex "Pipe All" version 1 published +++