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Create an account! is a completely uncommercial project by Johannes Kuhnen and Hanno Stehling.
Its purpose is to serve as a platform for freely available RhinoScript and Grasshopper files.

Copyright and responsibility for all user generated content on this site (RhinoScript and Grasshopper files, comments, gallery items, forum messages etc.) lie with the particular authors of this content.

Rhinoceros, Rhino and RhinoScript are trademarks of Robert McNeel & Associates,
This project is in no way affiliated with McNeel.

The pictures of rhinoceroses are by flickr users lemoncat1 (main headline) and PurpleDee (error page) and were published under a Creative Commons license.

We are both alumni of the University of Kassel, Germany, faculty of architecture, departement of structural design (Prof. Grohmann): The idea to create this site came up during a university project led by Dr. Oliver Tessmann and Dr. Markus Schein, whom we want to thank for their support.


Johannes Kuhnen & Hanno Stehling

Technical details

This site is driven by the RhinoScript Engine, version 3.0, by Hanno Stehling (powered by mySQL, PHP and Smarty Templates).

The engine uses GeSHi by Nigel mcNie for syntax highlighting, PHPMailer by Codeworx Technologies for mailings and Create Zip File by Rochak Chauhan for backups.

All pages are valid XHTML 1.0 strict.

Privacy Statement

During registration at you need to enter some personal information like your name and e-mail address. Additionally, you can add some more information like your country, your job etc.
You can explicitly decide what information will be shown on your user page. This page is only visible to registered users.

You can decide to receive automatic e-mails notifying you of certain events on or not to receive any e-mails from this site at all.

As soon as you upload a RhinoScript or Grasshopper file, add a gallery item or write a forum entry, your user name (and only the user name) will be shown to the public. For copyright reasons (i.e. to claim the copyright for you as the author) your real name will be added to the download versions of your scripts (which are only accessible to registered users via download).

Your account data will never be given away or used for anything else than the above mentioned.

We use Google Analytics to evaluate the usage of this site. For this, your IP address is logged. This data is completely separated from your account data and only used for anonymous usage statistics.

Both, and Google Analytics, use Cookies. If you disable cookies, you cannot log in correctly. However, if you only block Google Analytics, the site will run fine.

Please also note the section about social networks below.

Social Network Integration

2 clicks for more privacy features buttons to recommend scripts, gallery items and forum threads on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. However, in their standard implementation these buttons transmit data to Facebook, Twitter or Google even if you do not use them, namely when loading the page they sit on.

To protect your privacy, uses a concept called 2 clicks for more privacy. The buttons are grayed out and can be activated with a click, meaning they only transmit data if you are actually using them. With a second click you can then perform the recommendation as usual.

This concept has been developed by German magazine publisher Heise and is published under the MIT License. For more information, visit (German).